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The new 5s and 5c. the demand is clearly there.

They really do spend a great arm in terms of how to grow a hit brand from the experience you have on their products to the experience you have inside their retail stores.

They are a great -- they are great and really set the bar.

That does not mean that coca- cola does not own a fantastic business.

Google is seeking in between them and apple to be the new number two.

What are the biggest factors that go into determining if the brand is worth more than 98 billion dollars?

There are three elements we look at.

The first is earnings, the heart of this.

What we're trying to do is demonstrate how much money the brand actually makes for the business.

We start by looking at the earnings stream.

We use things like bloomberg for the same things as all the other analysts use.

How important is it in the purchase process?

The third is what we call brand strength, which is taking a deep dive into loyalty, looking at 10 different factors that determine how far into the future it brand might be able to deliver earnings for that owner.

You have at least a half dozen technology companies on this total list.

Compare hominy technology names have take, very powerful brands -- have big, very powerful brands today versus five years ago and you can see it on the list.

If you take a look at the top 10, you have apple and google at the top, with ibm, samsung, ge.

At the same time we have two very well known tech companies dropping off the list.

Blackberry dropped off this year as well as yahoo.

Household names like nokia have been having really tough times.

We all know they have just been bought by microsoft.

Their brand fell by almost 60%. also nintendo.

It is not an easy game.

You can be up and quickly be down in the world of technology.

Before we go, coca-cola had a 13 year run at the top of your list.

How long do you think apple can stay number one?

That is a very good question.

As we know they are locked in a battle with samsung for the smart phone market.

Samsung playing the long-term game, perhaps with more ultimate issue.

Apple having tremendous service capabilities, which gives them an advantage in the long-term.

Then you go through google, facebook, and twitter next year.

It is not going to be easy for them to stay on the top.

We appreciate the insight.

Emily, back to you.

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